BBST off the starboard bow!

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Testing Skills & Education

So, this week-end begins the next Black Box Software Testing course, run by the Association for Software Testing, of which I am a part of. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to this virtual (in every sense of the word) BAPTISM OF FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! (Hmmm, works well in the speedway ads, not so much here). After the drudgery of university subjects that aren’t really related to what you do, it’s great to be enrolling in a course about something that’s directly about what I want to learn. Even though it seems demanding (10 – 12 hours per week expected), here’s hoping it provides a metaphorical, literal and figurative broadening of my somewhat narrow understanding of software testing to date. As to it curing my tendency to say in 50 words what could be said in 20, I am less hopeful.

On another note, have not had much of a chance to wax lyrical about testing yet, but am winding up to it. Yes, it takes a lot to wind up.

Also, the topic promised piratical (if not nautical) theming, so without further adieu… Ahoy, me maties.

There you go.

Oh, and for the 1 or 2 people who have visited, should you happen to pop by again, apologies for any website design changes. Drunk on the plethora of options so sweetly provided by WordPress, I am playing around a little.


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