BBST, I miss you already…

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Testing Skills & Education

So the Black Box Software Testing (Foundations) course has finished, and with it 3 weeks of intense software testing-based education.  And when I say intense, I mean intense, as in “ordering Lemon & Herb Nando’s chicken and finding they gave you the Hot instead only as you deeply bite into the soft, tender chicken” intense.  OK, maybe not the best analogy…

For any tester out there who has not been initiated into the arcane secrets of the course – DO IT!  BBST (Foundations) redefined how I look at testing, how I do testing, and how I talk about testing.  The discussions around heuristics and how to apply them were especially interesting, but there wasn’t a day over the three weeks that I didn’t learn something new or gain a fresh perspective on an old view.  Hey, that rhymes, hmmm, let’s see…

Ev-er-y day I learned something new

Or gained fresh perspective on a ti-red view

I chattered away til my face was blue

But not a moment of test talk did I ever rue

Not bad for a minute’s work.  Errr, well… hmmm, I don’t think AST will be plastering this on their site  or contacting me to lead a new marketing drive any time this century.  Moving on…

The course isn’t limited to beginners – the “Foundations” of the course (and thus, testing) apply equally to all testers, from a complete neophyte 5 minutes into his first testing gig to someone who’s been testing since Adam and the Ants were rocking the charts.  A number of highly-experienced testers actually went through the course at the same time, which made discussing the numerous topics through the forums and assignment work an eye-opening experience.

Although it was a lot of work, I miss the sustained and regular contact of chewing the fat with other testers.  In a test team of one, it gets a bit lonely at times, maybe I should get out a bit more, but this was certainly a fun, educational and inspiring jaunt into the “other” world of software training (as opposed to the “traditional” world of certification-based training, which is a post for another day).

Anyway, as the great Molly Meldrum says, do yourself a favour and check out the Association for Software Testing and their range of training courses.  The Foundation course is only the first, so next up for me will be Bug Advocacy (defending those poor little bugs who can’t stand up for themselves).


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