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Hello again.  It’s been way too long.  Life can really get in the way of maintaining a good (or bad, or otherwise – I’ll let you decide which of those this falls under) blog.

My story today is short and slightly saccharine.  It also provided a blindingly obvious lesson I was able to re-acquaint myself with.

I had finished testing functionality to mask credit card numbers that are entered into our company’s transaction processing application a few weeks ago.  It was a pain to test (as it was a small change thrown onto a much larger, more important pile of testing I was already in the thick of), and so I executed “auto-pilot test”, threw the developer what bugs I found, re-tested the fixes and declared it good and proper.  Fin – so I thought.

This morning, the business analyst wandered up and asked a few questions about when the masking was triggered.  I replied with a confident “oh, it only happens once condition X has occurred”, to which she replied “it’s also supposed to happen with condition Y”.  My stomach sunk as I saw, nestled among the relatively short requirements doc, condition Y, in all its finger-pointing condemnation.