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Posted: November 24, 2012 in Testing Lessons

Back in the misty mists of time, I came across something in the BBST Foundations course that struck a chord with me.  It was the following statement – “Karl Popper argued that experiments designed to confirm an expected result are of far less scientific value than experiments designed to disprove the hypothesis that predicts the expectation” (Slide 67, 2010 version of the BBST Foundations slide pack).

“Yes, of course!” I cried (errr, just in my head… because I’m not crazy and prone to shouting “Yes, of course!” aloud for revelations immediately applicable only to myself).  Let us aim to disprove the claims about the software (wherever those claims may come from) and “break” it more effectively (though it could be argued testers don’t break software, but that’s a topic for another day…).  And although I had unknowingly (or perhaps semi-knowingly) skirted this philosophy with my own test efforts, having it explicitly stated was a heady experience.