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“The best university is the university of life.”
– Henrique Capriles Radonski

I am almost half way through an IT degree, via the ever-encouraging auspices of Open Universities Australia. It has been an often tedious, occasionally enlightening, sporadically interesting and frequently frustrating experience. From what I understand, such a description could be used by most working their way through university education.

Learning the fundamentals of programming has been by far the most useful and interesting part of the course to date. Although I’ve no desire to switch to the “dark side”, learning a little coding (and more importantly, the associated concepts) has helped my testing. There were probably cheaper ways I could have done this, but one thing a university does provide is breadth (if not depth) of experience – I have come across Java, PHP and am currently working on C (pointers, oh dear…). C++ and ASP.NET await over the murky horizon.