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June not so recently came to a close, and with it the AST’s latest round of the Bug Advocacy course. After completing the BBST Foundations course last year and waxing lyrical about it, I was keen to jump head-first into another of the AST’s offerings (fortunately, the course is not a physical object and I was spared a nasty bump on the cranium). I was not disappointed – four weeks of bug-tastic study, discourse and evaluation has yet again triggered fresh and challenging perspective on bug investigation and reporting – an aspect of testing I’d always thought of as being at the very worst “OK” in. Many a lesson learned has crept into and visibly improved my 9-to-5 work over the past few weeks.

An array of quizzes, online discussion, videos and bug reporting (yes, in this day of simplistic multiple choice assessment, it’s quite strange that you would actually practice the course’s subject, as well as be evaluated on such work) awaited us throughout the four weeks the course ran. It was engaging to the max, and although time-consuming, I never felt I was just trying to “tick off” activities. Well… I must admit that by the end of it, I was a little worn out. If I had one small criticism of the course, it was the sheer amount of ground that’s covered in less than a month.