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Note: this is a somewhat unpolished post. There are a lot of ideas around this topic, and I’m just scratching the surface. However, in the interests of following the 80/20 rule, here are a few semi-organised thoughts on the matter…

It’s a moment that chills me to the bone. A manager wanders over to say “Oh, you know that software you tested last month. We found a bug in production – it’s currently affecting EVERYONE”. Or a couple of UAT testers running basic test cases find a couple of bugs your vaunted exploratory testing failed to detect. To misquote Darth Vader, my failure is now complete.

A missed bug is only one form of failure, and a test project provides dozens of different ways to “screw up”. The moment of failure is rarely a positive experience, but as Dan Ashby wrote not too long ago, it can be a very useful opportunity to reflect, learn and improve. Failure can also provide us with an excellent example or story to share and even teach others with (which is a handy way of remembering….).