Who is Dean Mackenzie, why is he writing this and most importantly, why is he referring to himself in the third person?

Note – much of what is being posted is a “work in progress”. I am also a blog newbie, so mistakes will probably be present (and maybe make things more interesting, if anything).

I work as a software tester in picturesque Brisbane, Australia. After a number of support-related positions in a large telco, I began my descent into the bottomless depths of software testing when I joined an application team and found nobody else wanted to do the user acceptance tests for the application.  It blew my mind – this was my favourite part of the job!  Note – I later learned that it was in fact me that was the anomaly, and not everyone else in the team.  Maybe I should have picked up on that earlier…

In any case, after moving on to be the sole tester for a small business who develop their own internal applications, I began to take testing much more seriously.  About two years ago, I made the decision to further my understanding and skills in the craft / science of testing. And while there is value in practicing your craft, there is also value in discussing, talking about, pondering and launching one-sided diatribes about your craft as well. Hence this blog – a flickering red dwarf of lessons, opinions and questions amongst a constellation of twinkling, test-related blue giants and binary stars.

I am thinking of this as a kind of self-sounding board, a place where I can put my thoughts on (virtual) paper. Without sounding too existentialistic, trying to determine whether my mental monologue on any particular topic may be “right” or “wrong” (What is right? What is wro… oops, sorry) is not necessarily the aim of this. Putting such thoughts out into the public domain is not something I do easily, but if people end up reading any of this, all the better. Should someone make comments, suggestions or send recipes on the best way to cook potatoes (did you know using duck fat is apparently a great way to do this? Amazing) and we end up discussing it, then hopefully it helps both parties in gaining a better understanding one small topic in the bottomless field of software testing.

What’s with the title?

“Yes, broken” is something I’ve repeated several times in my short software testing career. Usually to developers in denial.  Maybe once or twice to a manager.

A few ideas that I ultimately rejected before settling on the current title…

• “Dean’s Test Blog” – a little banal for my liking
• “Test: The Final Frontier” – too 60s bad sci-fi
• “Of Mice and Test” – too ‘what the hell’?

And fortunately, I was able to avoid using my last resort – “Testactular!” (Apologies to any future blogger who may use this title. No, really, it’s a great word, run with it).

Dean is amazing, I want to contact him RIGHT NOW!

You may send praise, tribulation or fantastic recipes to me through the following channels…

Email: deanDOTmackenzieDOTtesterATgmailDOTcom
Twitter: @deanamackenzie
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Obligatory Disclaimer: Any and all ideas posted on this blog are my personal opinion, and do not represent those of my employer (whoever they may be at the time).