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Note: this is entirely my personal opinion on the matter, and not intended as subtle (or overt) condemnation for those who hold and value certification. I certainly hope it isn’t taken as grand-standing, but an attempt to put forward some of my views on a thorny matter.

Let’s Test Oz 2014 was a cornucopic whirlwind of testing that I’ll be digesting for months, but there were two triggers that got me pondering certification and my views on it, a subject I’ve tried to avoid in the past. The first was a lunch time discussion on the first day that had me thinking well after the lights had been switched off and the attendees had gone their respective ways.

I’ve recently secured gainful employment in a new job. I’m learning the noble art of test automation for a travel company. It’s an area I’ve wanted to get a deeper look at for a while, and I’m glad an opportunity has presented itself.

However, that’s not the topic of this post, but something I’m revisiting from a year ago, when I was last seeking a new job. Namely, interviews. For software testing positions. And yet again, like a child expecting an Imperial Star Destroyer Lego set for Christmas but getting a life-size Twilight Sparkle instead, I’ve been sadly disappointed.